Meet The Dream Team

We have the best teachers in the world. They endeavor to put skill and creativity in these children, making them leaders.

Lynnet K. Nsubuga

Principal, Harvest Academy

My name is Lynnet K.Nsubuga;the Principal of Harvest academy. I am committed to inspiring and raising purpose, courageous individuals. I love children, music, mathematics and art. If you served me with pork, fresh fruit salad, fresh juice, i would be delighted! . My favorite colors are red and turquoise.

Tr. Desire

Administrator, Harvest Academy

My name is Desire;Administrative executive of Harvest academy.

Teacher Kevin

Academic Supervisor, High School

My name is kevin K.Najjuka; the Academic supervisor of the high school section at Harvest academy. I am passionate about influencing young people to transform their character and have a positive and Godly approach to life situations. My favorite food is chips and chicken. I enjoy watching movies and listening to country music.

Teacher Mable

Academic Supervisor, Early Childhood

My name is Mable Mazzi;the Academic supervisor of the early childhood section at Harvest academy. My favorite food is pizza. I love teaching children, travelling and eating. As a caregiver, am passionate about learning. I believe in every child and i am committed in calling out the greatness in each one of them.

Teacher Stella

Academic Supervisor, Elementary School

My name is Stella N.Matovu;Academic Supervisor of elementary section at Harvest academy. I am passionate about nurturing and causing positive change in children’s lives. My favorite food is roasted pork, fish stew and rice. My favorite color is purple. My hobbies are;learning new things, dancing, listening to music and travelling.