We are an international curriculum academy (Kindergarten to Grade 12; K-12) whose purpose is to call out the greatness in every child and raise them to be Great leaders that transform communities. We believe that every child is designed and destined for greatness and there is a leader in each one of them.


We are committed to Harnessing the Greatness and Leadership in Every Child to Become the Solution that Transforms their Communities. In other words, we exist to help children find their God-given strengths, abilities and potential in order for them to influence and love others in practical ways that bring about community transformation both now and in their vocational future.

The Strategic Anchors

Quality Academics

Provide an internationally competitive/recognized Christian Education i.e Biblical Truth integrated into the curriculum

Fun Learning Environment

Create a fun filled learning environment for the children.Our test point is “Do the children love to come to school?”


Raise the children in the character and competences of christ.
Raise leaders using tools like The Leader in Me program and structure life at Harvest Academy to include leadership opportunities.


Every child at Harvest Academy has his/her own work books for all the subjects offered  at each grade level. The children are guided and supported to do their class work from 8am to 1pm with breaks for Tea and lunch. The afternoons are used for the ‘Spark sessions in Finances & Investment, Performing & Creative Arts, Sports & Culture and the Expression of their Spiritual Gifts & Talents (the greatness and gifting in them). The Spark Sessions are conducted by internal and external session facilitators with experience in these fields.

Children who have not finished their day’s target of class work are supported to use part of the afternoons to complete their work. Some of the experiments and class work is done by the students at home with their parents to allow for parent involvement in the children’s learning. The Harvest Academy typical school day ends end at 4pm.


These are markers that guide us in what we do. In all that we do, we are LEGIT!

Loving People




Harvest Academy Ltd is a legally registered business operating under companies Act of the Republic of Uganda.

Harvest Academy is in due process of being licensed as a private school under the rules and guidelines of Ministry of Education (MoES) in Uganda, a school must run for two years and be subject to frequent spot checks by the MoES before it is fully issued a center registration number.

Tailored Christian Education

We offer a tailored christian education that prepares the child to be internationally competitive and hollistically developed..

Capacity & Development Plans

The academy facilities currently have a capacity for 250 students and will in the short term be expanded to accommodate 300 students. In the meantime, Harvest Academy is planning to acquire land to construct the middle high and high school classes of the academy.  There are plans to set up computers in each class room and a science laboratory to aid the children’s research and science projects as they learn.

School Calendar

Harvest Academy school term is aligned with that of the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) in Uganda. Harvest Academy follows similar beginning and end dates for the school term with MoES.

School Management

As required by Ministry of Education and Sports, Harvest Academy is managed by a seven-man school management team. The team is comprised of a chairman, vice chairperson, treasurer, secretary, a member (Representing Shareholders), a member (Representing Parents) and a technical advisory member.